What is Kibble?

Kibble is the comprehensive DeFi Hub that provides all you need for the best trading experience and optimal advances on TON. With the combination of DeFi platforms and a Telegram user-driven approach, we establish a benchmark for user experience, safety, and seamless navigation into the DeFi realm.

Our Vision

At Kibble, our vision is to become the leading DeFi Hub on the TON blockchain, setting the standard for excellence in user experience, safety, and innovation. We envision a future where decentralized finance is accessible to everyone, empowering users to navigate the DeFi realm seamlessly and capitalize on the opportunities it offers.

Our Mission

Our mission at Kibble is to provide a comprehensive suite of tools and services that empower users to harness the full potential of decentralized finance on TON. Through our Kibble launchpad and wallet, we aim to establish a benchmark for user experience and safety, enabling seamless navigation into the DeFi realm. We are committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance accessibility, efficiency, and security, ultimately democratizing access to financial services and fostering financial inclusion for all.

Core Values

With Kibble, you can trust that your DeFi experience is characterized by cutting-edge technology, seamless accessibility, and uncompromising security. Join us as we redefine the future of decentralized finance, one innovative solution at a time.

Decentralized Trading: Trade directly from your Kibble wallet, ensuring 100% ownership of your crypto assets throughout the transaction. Unlike centralized exchanges, Kibble empowers you with full control over your assets at all times.

Real Yield: Kibble introduces a groundbreaking concept, allowing users not only to trade but also to benefit from protocol-generated revenue derived from fees. As a pioneer DEX offering this innovative feature, Kibble enables users to earn tangible cryptocurrencies directly from swap fees by utilizing its native tokens, $KIB

Smart Order Routing: Kibble's advanced Smart Order Routing system evaluates various factors to secure the most advantageous prices while minimizing gas fees. With continual evolution, every pool within the matrix supports trades, ensuring users access the most competitive swap rates.

Low Fees: Operating on the TON blockchain, Kibble offers significantly reduced transaction costs compared to Ethereum and other blockchains. Coupled with competitive trading fees lower than many leading decentralized and centralized exchanges, Kibble provides unparalleled cost savings for users.

Simple UI: Kibble offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies DeFi interactions. With intuitive design, navigation is effortless, allowing users to perform token swaps, liquidity provision, and farming with just a few clicks. Experience both efficiency and simplicity on the Kibble platform!

Why did we build Kibble?

Kibble empowers your decentralized finance journey by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services tailored to your needs. At Kibble, our mission is to revolutionize the way you engage with DeFi, providing innovative solutions that enhance accessibility, efficiency, and security.

Built on the Ton network, Kibble's decentralized architecture ensures a robust and resilient platform for all your DeFi endeavors. Whether you're trading assets, providing liquidity, or engaging in decentralized lending, Kibble offers the tools you need to thrive in the decentralized finance landscape.

Get to know more about TON

TON (The Open Network), a high-performance PoS (Proof of Stake) public chain, was first proposed by the Telegram team. Designed to support large-scale applications and thriving since its inception as an open-source community project in 2020, TON aligns perfectly with the principles of freedom and openness.

Deploying a PoS consensus algorithm, TON offers high performance with sharding technology, multilingual smart contract support primarily through FunC and Tact. It is deeply integrated with Telegram and specifically crafted to build a secure, equitable, and transparent ecosystem. Efficient, intelligent, and reliable - it caters to user requirements in the digital economy era.

Our ecosystem on TON

What's next?

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