Kibble Clicker Game

Welcome to Kibble Clicker Game, an innovative and exciting blockchain-based game developed by the Kibble team, and hosted on Telegram. Leveraging the power of the TON Blockchain, Kibble Clicker offers players an engaging Tap-To-Earn experience where every click counts.

In Kibble Clicker, players earn game tokens, known as $sKIB, by clicking on the in-game tokens. As players progress through the levels, they can significantly increase the number of $sKIB they earn per click. These $sKIB are not just for show – they hold real value and can be converted into $KIB, the main token of the Kibble ecosystem, on Kibble Exchange.

Earning Ecosystem

In Kibble Clicker, we believe in giving our players a head start on their exciting adventure. That's why every new player begins with 10,000 default $sKIB

The journey to earning more $sKIB and progressing through levels is an exciting and rewarding adventure. Here's how the earning $sKIB ranking works within the Kibble ecosystem:

Level Progression and $sKIB Per Click

  • Level 0 to Level 1: To advance from Level 0 to Level 1, players need to accumulate 500,000 $sKIB. At Level 0, each click earns you +1 $sKIB.

  • Level 1 to Level 2: Moving from Level 1 to Level 2 requires 1,000,000 $sKIB. At Level 1, each click rewards you with +2 $sKIB.

  • Level 2 to Level 3: Progressing from Level 2 to Level 3 demands 3,000,000 $sKIB. At Level 2, every click grants you +3 $sKIB.

  • Level 3 to Level 4: To rise from Level 3 to Level 4, players must gather 7,000,000 $sKIB. At Level 3, each click gives you +4 $sKIB.

  • Level 4 to Level 5: Achieving Level 5 from Level 4 requires 15,000,000 $sKIB. At Level 4, each click results in +5 $sKIB.

  • Level 5 to Level 6: To reach Level 6 from Level 5, players need 40,000,000 $sKIB. At Level 5, each click nets you +6 $sKIB.

  • Level 6 β€” Level 7: From Level 6 to Level 7, players need to have 100,000,000 $sKIB. At this level, each click brings you + 8 $sKIB

  • Level 7 β€” Level 8: Reach 200,000,000 $sKIB is your method to reach level 8, At Level 8, with each click you can earn +10 $sKIB

  • Level 8 β€” Level 9: To reach level 9 demands 400,000,000 $sKIB, then you can earn +12 $sKIB with every click

  • Level 9 β€” Level 10: To rise to Level 10, players must gather 1,000,000,000 $sKIB. At Level 10, each click gives you +20 $sKIB.

Mission Complete

In addition to the engaging Tap-To-Earn gameplay, Kibble Clicker Game offers players various ways to earn extra $sKIB tokens daily through Mission Quests. These missions not only enhance your gaming experience but also help build and strengthen the Kibble community. Each completed daily mission rewards players with an additional 10,000 $sKIB to 15,000 $sKIB. These missions are updated regularly, ensuring you have constant opportunities to increase your $sKIB earnings.

Daily Check-in

Consistency pays off in the Kibble Clicker Game, and our Daily Check-In feature is designed to reward you for your dedication. By simply logging in every day, you can earn valuable $sKIB tokens, boosting your in-game progress and rewards. Here’s how it works:

Daily Check-In Rewards

  • Day 1: Earn 10,000 $sKIB

  • Day 2: Earn 20,000 $sKIB

  • Day 3: Earn 30,000 $sKIB

  • Day 4: Earn 40,000 $sKIB

  • Day 5: Earn 50,000 $sKIB

  • Day 6: Earn 60,000 $sKIB

  • Day 7: Earn 70,000 $sKIB

By checking in consecutively for 7 days, you can accumulate a total of 300,000 $sKIB, significantly enhancing your ability to advance in the game and earn more rewards.

Important Note: Consistency is Key

You need to log in every day without missing a single day. If you forget or miss a day, your Daily Check-In streak will reset to Day 1.

Energy System in Kibble Clicker Game

The energy system in Kibble Clicker Game is designed to enhance your gameplay experience and provide strategic opportunities to maximize your $sKIB and rewards.

Basic Energy Limit

  • Default Energy Limit: Every player starts with a basic energy limit of 1,000 energy points.

  • Energy Consumption: Each click consumes 1 energy point.

  • Energy Regeneration: You automatically regenerate 1 energy point every second, up to your energy limit.

  • Energy Refill: Your energy refills automatically every 8 hours, restoring your energy to the maximum limit.

Increasing Your Energy Limit

To gain an advantage and click more frequently, you can purchase additional energy limits. Here’s how you can expand your energy capacity:

  • Level 1: +500 energy for 200,000 $sKIB

  • Level 2: +500 energy for 500,000 $sKIB

  • Level 3: +500 energy for 1,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 4: +500 energy for 2,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 5: +500 energy for 3,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 6: +500 energy for 4,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 7: +500 energy for 5,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 8: +500 energy for 6,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 9: +500 energy for 7,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 10: +500 energy for 8,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 11: +500 energy for 9,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 12: +500 energy for 10,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 13: +500 energy for 11,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 14: +500 energy for 12,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 15: +500 energy for 13,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 16: +500 energy for 14,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 17: +500 energy for 15,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 18: +500 energy for 16,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 19: +500 energy for 17,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 20: +500 energy for 18,000,000 $sKIB

  • Level 21: +500 energy for 19,000,000 $sKIB

Maximizing Points with Continuous Clicking

To make the most of your energy and maximize your $sKIB, try to click continuously and reach milestones:

  • 150 Continuous Clicks: Earn x2 $sKIB

  • 300 Continuous Clicks: Earn x3 $sKIB

  • 600 Continuous Clicks: Earn x4 $sKIB

By increasing your energy limit and clicking continuously, you can achieve higher multipliers and significantly boost your earnings.

Referral Ecosystem and Rewards

For Regular Users

Our referral system rewards you for bringing new players to Kibble Clicker:

  • Invite a New User: Earn 10,000 $sKIB.

  • Invite a New Telegram Premium User: Earn 25,000 $sKIB.

These $sKIB boost your game progress, helping you advance faster and earn more rewards.

For Kibble KOLs/Ambassadors

Kibble KOLs and Ambassadors enjoy extra benefits through the Kibble Ambassador Program:

  • Unique Referral Code: Get your referral code when you join the program.

  • Extra 50% Bonus: Earn an additional 50% of the $sKIB for each successful referral.

Here’s how it works:

  • Invite a Standard User: Earn 10,000 $sKIB + 50% bonus (5,000 $sKIB) = Total 15,000 $sKIB.

  • Invite a Telegram Premium User: Earn 25,000 $sKIB + 50% bonus (12,500 $sKIB) = Total 37,500 $sKIB.

Special Referral Privilege

Becoming our super Clicker star by inviting more than 3,000 friends unlocks Level 10. At this level, users can significantly enhance their gameplay, allowing them to click more frequently and earn more points.

Check how to become Kibble KOLs/Ambassadors:

How to play Kibble Clicker

Kibble Clicker operates directly on Telegram, so there's no need to download anything. To get started, simply access the Kibble Clicker Telegram bot. Follow the instructions to begin earning money and explore the various features of the game.

To start playing the game, open Telegram and search for β€œ@KibbleClickBot” in the Telegram search section.

You can go through the game guidelines and take some tips for each feature we are providing to maximize your earning progress

Simple gameplay, the only thing you need to do is keep tapping, the more you tap the bigger amount of rewards as $sKIB you can earn

Earning $sKIB, inviting friends, and leveling up

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