🧊Simple staking pools

Welcome to the world of Simple staking on Kibble. This feature allows you to earn rewards as KIB token with APY avarage 60%/year. Check now all needed information about our Staking pools here

Here's the lowdown on Simple Staking:

  • Effortless earning: Ditch the complexities of managing liquidity pools and staking pairs. Simple staking lets you earn yield by staking just one type of token.

  • No impermanent loss: Unlike traditional AMMs, you won't face impermanent loss because you're staking a single asset.

  • Daily rewards: Sit back and relax! You'll automatically earn rewards every day based on the APR.

  • Claim with ease: Your rewards are readily available for claiming at the end of your chosen staking period. The longer you commit, the higher your APR can be!

How it works?

Simple Staking offers a user-friendly way to earn on your crypto. Choose your staking duration (30, 60, 90 or 180 days), lock in your TON tokens, and start reaping daily rewards!

Calculating your rewards

Your APR will be fixed as below:

Locked periodAPR

30 days


60 days


90 days


180 days


Reward distribution

Rewards are distributed daily, starting at 12:00 UTC the day after staking begins and continuing until the period ends. For example, if you stake on September 30th, 2023 at 2:00 UTC, your first reward arrives on October 1st at 12:00 UTC, and the final one comes on February 3rd, 2024 at 12:00 UTC. Note: As KIB token rewards, $KIB has not yet officially released in the market therefore your rewards will be able to receive after token vesting. For the details about $KIB token listing, please check it on our roadmap and keep the updates on our social channels.

Your amount of rewards will be recorded and shown to you on β€œMy stakes” information.

Claiming your rewards

You can claim your accumulated rewards once your staking period is complete (30, 60, or 90, 180 days). Or you can harvest your rewards daily. Simply interact with the pool to unstake your tokens and claim your rewards. You can also choose to claim your rewards and restake your principal to kick off a new staking period.

Note: As KIB token rewards, $KIB has not yet officially released in the market therefore your rewards will be able to receive after token vesting. Once $KIB has listed, you can daily claim it.

Step-by-step guide to use Simple staking

  1. Access website: Directly access at: https://app.kibble.exchange and click on "Launch App"

  1. Choose Staking feature: Click on "Swap" on the top right corner to change into "Staking"

  1. Deposit token: Select the amount of tokens to deposit into the staking pool. Please note that there’s a minimum amount to stake depending on the token.

  2. Choose the locking period for your staking pool.

  3. Confirm details and stake token. You will receive a notification.

  4. Harvest your rewards: You can harvest your rewards daily or wait till the end of the locking period to claim the accumulated rewards. Please note that $KIB has not released at this present, stay tuned and you can then claim your rewards.

  5. Unstake/add more token:

  • You can only unstake your token until the locking period has ended. Simply click on the "Unstake" button and confirm in your wallet.

  • We charge no fee for your unstaking action

  • You can add more token at anytime by click on the "Add more" button and enter the amount of token you want to add more.

  • When you add tokens for the second time to the same staking pool, the staking time will automatically reset from the moment the tokens are added. However your initial interest amount still remained and will automatically sent to your wallet.

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