In Kibble, staking is crucial in allowing users to increase their involvement and move up in the Tier System. When users stake KIB tokens, they guarantee a continuous flow of rewards and IDO allocations. Moreover, the Annual Percentage Yield (APY) for staking differs based on your choice of pool; the longer you lock your tokens, the greater the rewards you receive, and the greater your boost for increasing the investor tier.

For staking pools on IDO launchpad, you must stake your token on KIB staking.

How Staking boost your tier?

Staking directly influences your position within the Kibble Tier System. Each token you stake bolsters your tier status. This progression is crucial as it unlocks incremental benefits and rewards at each new tier level as below:

Locking periodTier boost (%)

1 week


1 month


6 months


1 year


4 years


These enhancements make it easier to climb the tier ladder by reducing the number of KIB tokens needed to reach higher tiers.

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