Add/remove whitelist

To add/remove whitelist for your pre-sale, follow these steps below:

Step 1: Go to our website.

Step 2: Connect your wallet, make sure that you're using the correct wallet for the sale. Before connecting always double check that the website is correct, we have no other domains.

Step 3: Go to β€œMy Projects” tab

Step 4: Go to My Presales tab and search for the sale you want to add whitelist spots.

Step 5: Go to the β€œOwner” tab.

Step 6: Choose the Tier of whitelist spots you want to add/remove.

Step 7: List the Wallets you want to whitelist for that tier. Or enter the list of wallet/s you want to remove.





Step 8: Click on the β€œAdd/Remove to Whitelist” button.

Step 9: Confirm the Transaction in your wallet.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully add/remove whitelist for your sale.

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