⚠️Protocol risks

Protocol risks every user must be aware of. We try our best to bring safe to users but nothing is fully safe!

Potential risks for users:

  • Smart contract risk: Kibble DEX relies on smart contracts to automate its functionalities. If these contracts has been attacked, users' funds could be stolen or locked.

  • Impermanent loss: Liquidity providers can experience impermanent loss if the price of the staked assets significantly diverge during the staking period.

  • Rug pull: While unlikely for projects on Kibble, there's always a risk that a project could cheat and take user funds.

  • Price volatility: The cryptocurrency market is inherently volatile. Users staking or trading on Kibble DEX are exposed to potential price fluctuations that could lead to losses.

Potential risks for projects:

  • Security exploits: A security breach or exploit on Kibble DEX could damage project reputation and potentially lead to loss of user funds held on the platform.

  • Governance attacks: If the governance mechanism of Kibble DEX is compromised, malicious actors could manipulate it for their own benefit, potentially harming listed projects.

Technical risks:

  • Scalability: As Kibble DEX gains popularity, we might face scalability challenges, leading to slower transaction times or higher fees.

  • Oracle manipulation: Kibble DEX relies on oracles to provide accurate price data. If oracles are compromised or manipulated, it could lead to unfair liquidations or inaccurate pricing.

  • System outages: Technical malfunctions or unforeseen events could cause outages on Kibble DEX, disrupting trading activity and user access.

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