🔃How to trade

Token swapping on Kibble operates similarly to other platforms, but with the added benefits of speed and cost-effectiveness.

Step 1: Navigate to Swap using the tabs at the of the app, then connect your wallet.

Step 2: Next, select from the drop-down the tokens you want to swap. For this example, we'll be swapping From TON To KIB.

Step 3: Input the desired amount of tokens for swapping. Use the "Max" option if you wish to trade all tokens. Then, click on "Swap!"

Note: Minimum Receive represents the minimum amount of tokens a user will receive in a trade.

Price Impact signifies the variance between the market price and the estimated execution price, based on the trade's size.

Slippage is an amount the price moves in a trading pair between when a transaction is submitted and when it is executed.

Blockchain fee is paid to the network for processing and confirming your transaction on the blockchain.

Trading fee is charged by the DEX itself and is typically a percentage of the transaction value and the rest are rewarded to liquidity providers.

With our tool tips, you can also get the information to clarify fees you are paying for

Step 4: Once the transaction is confirmed, your new balance should reflect shortly. Sometimes, it may take a few seconds to update.

Congratulations on completing your first swap on Kibble! Let's keep swapping!

Please pay attention to the Price Impact and remember to review the 'Minimum Received' especially for significant swaps or in pools with low liquidity.

About Fees

When swapping tokens on Kibble, interacting with liquidity pools may result in price impact, slippage, and trading fees being applied to your swap transaction.

The trading fee for basic Constant Product Pools is 0.15%:

  • 0.1% fee goes to the liquidity providers as a payment by increasing the size of the pools.

  • 0.05% fee used for buying back KIB

Additionally, a nominal amount of TON is required to pay network fees on each trade. Most trades cost between 0.08 - 0.3 TON.

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