By staking $TON to Kibble Staking Pool, participants will contribute to the Kibble Nominator and earn rewards as $TON up to 60%. You want to get to know more about how does Kibble Nominator work? Read all the details below.

Let's with us explore your journey into decentralized staking with Kibble Nominators - a groundbreaking platform redefining blockchain investments. With a focus on transparency, security, and innovation, Kibble Nominators empowers users to optimize their TON holdings while fortifying the TON blockchain's integrity and resilience. Join us and be part of shaping the future of decentralized finance.

Overview Of Kibble Nominator

One of the key benefits of joining Kibble Nominators is the opportunity to earn lucrative rewards. With over 8,762 members collectively earning approximately 1,132,103 TON ($7,719,358) in rewards, the potential for substantial returns is undeniable. Moreover, our transparent approach to staking allows users to monitor their staking balance and track the performance of their validators in real-time.

By staking your TON tokens with Kibble Nominators, you play a crucial role in maintaining the smooth operation of the TON blockchain. Validators confirm transactions and are rewarded for their efforts, and by joining us, you contribute to this process. Our decentralized smart contract ensures fairness and transparency, safeguarding your interests as a nominator. Join us in securing the future of the TON blockchain.

How Does Kibble Nominator Work

Validators play a crucial role in ensuring the functionality of the TON blockchain by confirming transactions and maintaining its integrity. To become a validator, one must set up and maintain a server and stake a minimum of 10,001 TON tokens. In return, validators receive rewards from the network for their contributions to its operation.

Staked users, acting as Nominators, lend their assets to Validators and receive rewards in return. Kibble serves as the intermediary, collecting staked $TON to become a Nominator within the TON Ecosystem, lending to trustworthy Validators. Each Nominator pool has staking requirements for profitability, with 60% of rewards shared among Nominators.

Rewards are distributed in $TON and claimed by Kibble, then distributes them to participants based on their staked amount. Detailed information about TON Nominator pools is provided for easy tracking and monitoring by our users.

How To Join In Kibble Nominator Pool

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